Chicken Calcium Coarse 5lb

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Coarse grade for calcium and gizzard digestive aid 

For all poultry and layers who need a calcium supplement combined with gizzard digestive aid. The unique coarse grain size allows for both calcium bioavailability and gizzard grinding material. Oolitic Aragonite is the world's purest form of the Ocean's naturally precipitated calcium carbonate. It has a crystalline morphology of orthorhombic, bipyramidal crystals with an extremely high surface area and aspect ratio giving aragonite bioavailability (calcium uptake) superior to any other calcium form.

Ingredients: Oolitic Aragonite Calcium Carbonate

• Superior Calcium from Oolitic Aragonite Calcium (min) 34 %

• Highly digestible and phosphorus free Calcium (max) 42 %

• Superfine powder for bioavailability Amino Acids 2-3%

• Rich in naturally occurring Amino Acids (Glutamic and Aspartic)

• Essential for egg shell integrity

Feeding Instructions

Supplement your poultrys diet with Coarse Aragonite Calcium Feed for added calcium and gizzard aid. It can be added to food or scattered for foraging. If adding to food, mix 1 lb Aragonite Calcium Feed with 201bs of regular feed. Provide a variety of food choices alon