Silver Pearl 10lb

Silver Pearl 10lb

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  • 2-4mm
  • Aquarium safe
  • Reptile safe
  • Pure New Zealand Beauty
  • Triple Washed
  • Kiln Dried
  • Rinse Only
  • Each pebble smooth and naturally round
  • Minimal effect on pH - (All substrate will affect pH to some degree)

Silver Pearl - The name is perfect for our premium Aquarium Gravel. When wet it gives off light blue hues to water features, however, dry it is fresh and bright with mostly blazing white pebbles highlighted with grey and blue ones. Its natural smooth roundness comes from being deposited in the South Island Plains of new Zealand by ancient river flows coming from glacial alpine areas.

The quality of all Pisces USA aquarium substrates are beyond anything ever seen in the USA market. All our New Zealand sourced gravels are 2-4mm (the perfect size for a planted tanks) which allows for an absolutely massive surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria colonies.

The gravel is naturally tumbled and smooth from thousands of years of exposure to rivers in the pure alpine river of New Zealand. These gravels are collected under strict licence from the New Zealand Government from the same area used in the filming of The Lord of The Rings! 


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